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This is a fairly common condition one sees in active children, more often in males. Believe me, the name of this disease sound much worse than it really is, despite the considerable pain and interference with activities this can cause. This condition is variable and inconsistent in terms of pain, more in the back of the heel. Typically seen shortly after starting a sport, or other activity, with variable levels of pain in the back portion of the heel. Pain is often illicited with a side to side “squeeze” of the heel. If neglected, this could lead to a stress fracture and thus become more serious. The treatments are almost always conservative in nature with excellent response often with use of a rigid shoe with rigid support and a regiment of stretching and icing. Sometimes one needs an anti-inflammatory with/or without physical therapy. Sometimes due to a deformity of the foot itself, a child may need a custom orthotic, or in severe cases surgery if a severe flat foot (severe pronation) or other derangements are seen.