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Thank you for contacting DuPage Foot and Ankle, LLC. We are dedicated to making sure our patients receive the best podiatric foot care available. That starts from the moment you step foot into our office. To make sure your office visit goes smoothly, please be sure to have a list of questions you may want to ask your podiatrist. We believe that keeping our patients informed is part of the overall process.

DuPage Foot and Ankle, LLC treats a variety of foot and ankle issues that range from simple skin conditions to complex bone and muscle conditions that may require surgery. Our first step is to assess each patient, inform them of their options, and then make a recommendation for treatment that is right for you. The treatment may be simple techniques that you can try at home, or surgical procedures handled right here in our offices on an outpatient basis. Either way, we are dedicated to providing the best solution to get you back on your feet.

Before your visit with your podiatrist it may be helpful to fill out a Patient Information Form and bring that with you when you come in. Be sure to have your insurance information available as well. DuPage Foot and Ankle, LLC accepts most major insurances. If you do not have insurance and are private pay, be sure to inform our receptionist.

Patient Forms
Please print and complete these forms to expedite your initial visit.
In order to expedite your appointment, it would be helpful if you fill out these forms and bring them with you:
Patient History Form
Patient Information Form
Treatment Authorization
Acknowledgement of Receipt of Privacy Practices Notice
Phone Message Consent
Medication History Authorization
Here are a few other informational documents that may be helpful:
Stretching & Icing Instructions
Medicare Guidelines
HIPAA Privacy Practices Notice

If you have any questions or concerns, or to schedule an appointment,
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